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GetFinancial is the world’s leading Islamic-approved Forex & CFD broker! We are proud to offer accounts specially tailored to our customers of the Islamic faith. You can now trade commodities, stocks and indices without worrying about violating Islamic laws and values. Holders of Islamic trading accounts – also known as interest-free, or swap-free, accounts – will not be charged interest on any of their open positions, regardless of their duration. You can trade with full confidence that you will never be subject to hidden charges or fees. By opening an Islamic account with GetFinancial , you will be entitled to the following: No Riba Policy: GetFinancial operates a “No Riba” policy, which allows our Islamic customers to keep Forex & CFD positions open indefinitely without being subject to any additional charges or fees. Please be advised that should this facility be abused, GetFinancial reserves the right to revoke this policy for offending clients after sending 48-hour notice by email. Hibah: GetFinancial recognises the importance of Hibah and therefore makes it easy for Islamic customers to donate a percentage of their profits to charitable organisations. As part of our ongoing commitment to our Islamic customers, GetFinancial facilitates Hibah contributions without charging customers any fees for the service. Contact our customer service team to open your Islamic trading account today. We look forward to welcoming you to GetFinancial !